Why experience yoga

Why experience yoga

Yoga is a dive into the deep. From some points of view, it’s imperative, as we start to understand our destination, others, life in general and all its various expressions through new eyes. Are we ready for this change? Why enter on this practice?

The goal of yoga is to plant awareness. We teach the mind to be focused and fully concentrated at this time, so that it does not get lost in thoughts or concerns, in the past or the future, as it usually happens.. But to be fully present here and now, which may clearly be that I am standing and breathing! Thus, we cultivate awareness of oneself, somebody’s hopes and emotional reactions. Taking that from the mat into everyday life circumstances, in which there are generally more external interruptions and complicating factors, interprets into being more aware of our communication with others and the world as a whole.

By the practice of awareness, we develop more balanced relationships, again primary with one’s own self and then with others. To be concentrated does not mean to disconnect oneself, and isolate oneself from the surroundings; instead concentration is about staying in contact with one’s centre, with one’s sense of self in the profound sense, one’s nature and truthiness, and with this true axis as a base to be fully participated and communicate with the environment.

Virginia Antoniadou (Vidya)

Hatha Yoga Instructor

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