Hatha yoga

“Hatha Yoga is creating a body that will be not a hurdle but a stepping stone for you to blossom into your ultimate possibility.” – Sadhguru

Hatha Yoga

Duration: 6 x 120min Hatha Yoga arises from a profound understanding of the kinematics of the body and uses yogic postures, or yogasanas, and correct breathing to empower the system to support higher ranges of energy. By practicing this deep science, one can reform and intensify the way they think, feel, and go through life. Hatha Yoga is about making size a body that is not a barrier in your life. The body becomes a bridge in the evolution towards blossoming into your ultimate possibility.


Virginia Antoniadou (Vidya)

Hatha Yoga Instructor
Virginia Antoniadou (Vidya) is a certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy India) and holds the title of Yoga Siromani. She has attended a lot of seminars with important teachers from Greece and abroad and has done her teacher’s training in South India. Since 2005 Virginia has been teaching traditional hatha yoga and meditation in Greece, at yoga centers, dancing schools and yogic retreats. Her yoga classes are suitable to all student levels, from complete beginners to more experienced ones.

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