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Frequently Asked Questions

The Body and Mind Holidays retreat is located in Athens Greece and one of the most beautiful areas of Attica, Anavissos. This beautiful location with stunning views is the ideal place to recharge, renew, re balance and rejuvenate. B&M Holidays cooperates with “Distefi Hills Villal” to offer you high standard accommodation, Mediterranean vegetarian nutrition and massage therapies alongside with the activities.

Our yoga sessions are suitable for all levels. Our qualified teacher is able to modify each pose to become suitable to everyone

Yes, our retreat is for you too. Our programs are for everyone; all levels, all requirements. You can improve your flexibility, mental capability, strength, do cardio, reduce your weight and so on.   

No pressure … do as much or as little as you like … you’re on holiday after all 🙂

Yes of course. Just inform us about your requirements in advance.                                                                  

B&M prices are all-inclusive. This means that food, accommodation, yoga classes, Pilates sessions, workshops, excursions, massages and more are covered.


Any services you like to book out of our program are extra charged. If, for example, you’d like to book extra massage sessions apart of our sessions you will have to pay them directly to the coordinator. In addition, flight fares are not included.


There are some simple things you have to do before enrolling the retreat such as to reduce the caffeine and alcohol intake to help yourself into the detox while you are here. Additionally, you must take some time and set the objectives and goals you want to achieve in B&M Holidays.

Check in time can be before 12 AM, check out time is 1 PM. We offer changing facilities that you can use before and after these hours.

*Shoes/sneakers/running shoes – whatever you call them, take them with you.                      

*Flip flops/thongs/sandals – whatever you call them, take them too.                                         

*Comfortable clothes for yoga and the other activities– Try to bring three sets, although you can wash them to our laundry room.                                                                                                              

*Trekking shoes, backpack, lightweight clothing, a windbreaker and sun block for the mountain trekking. A little thicker jacket is necessary if you follow the April, September or October retreats.                                                                                                                     

*Swim gear especially for those following the May, June or September retreats.                                                                                     *Hat, sunglasses, sun block.                                                                                       

 *Liquid mosquito repellent for the outdoor activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  * Wristwatch and Alarm Clock.                



Many of our guests are solo travelers; however, they are often leaving the retreat with a number of new friends! Part of the fun at B&M Holidays is to meet different people from all over the world. If you are coming with a friend or your companion, you’ll get a better discount.

Of course! If you are happy to share, we will make the appropriate steps to match you up with one of the persons attending the retreat.

At B&M Holidays we like to rise early. The morning starts with a Hatha Yoga session. After that, we gather for a healthy and plentiful breakfast. A little time to relax and the morning activities start, such as Pilates, mountain trekking or tours to archaeological sites. A vegetarian nutritious lunch follows. In some cases we take lunch at the spot where the activity takes place, like Parnitha’s refuge Mpafi at the end of an 1,5 hour trekking route. After enjoying the healthy meal, there is some time to relax or to sleep. Coming next, a Pilates session or workout session and the second session of Yoga. Before dinner it’s time to relax with our massage treatments. Therapeutic massage experts are waiting for you to relax your body and reduce the muscle tension. Following the massages, you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner based on vegetables and legumes. Later on there’s free time to do whatever you wish.

The climate in Greece is typically Mediterranean: mild and wet winters, relatively hot and dry summers and, generally speaking, lengthy periods of sunshine for the longest of the year. In May, June and September the weather is warm and the workout activities at the beach or at the lake are enjoyable. In April and October the weather is more refreshing and the outdoor activities need a long-sleeve and long-pants outfit.

A Monday morning arrival is perfect – check in is from 12am or earlier, depending on the availability, and the activities start early afternoon.

The weekly retreats end on Sundays. We recommend you book your flights for Sunday afternoon or evening. Alternatively, you might like to prolong your stay for a few more days to explore Athens.

Body & Mind holidays are operated by a friendly staff that tries to meet our guests’ every need. If you have to arrive on a different day just let us know and we will do everything possible to adapt to your needs.

Yes, you absolutely need travel insurance. It will cover you for out of pocket losses, for instance from missing the flight, and please remember that you are booking a complete holiday/package that is non-refundable and non-transferable. We strongly recommend choosing a program that will cover sickness or unpredictable situations that may force you to change your plans. When you choose a program please consider the following:

*Cancellation fees
*Lost deposits
*Additional expenses for accidental injury, sickness and hospitalization
*Lost of luggage and personal items
*Travel delay and other transport expenses                         

*Missing the flight

Please remember, Body and Mind Holidays is not responsible or liable for any costs connected with changes to your travel agreements.

Yes you do. B&M Holidays is not an alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre and it is important to decide if B&M Holidays is the right choice to help with specific areas of lifestyle management and change. Any hidden information, such as illegal drug or alcohol addiction, will lead in cancellation of the booking without refund. For any questions you may have, please contact us.

The minimum age for all the retreats’ guests is 18 years, since there is some amount of adventure involved.

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