Explore an organic foods diet and create a profound understanding of how to rejuvenate the body with healthy juices and organic food recipes.

 *Healthy Diet

 Discover all you need to know about a restoring, healing, unprocessed foods’ diet.


 Find out how to make an organic diet easy and fast.


 Discover about nutrition and the healing characteristics of foods.

 *Organic smoothies & soups                                                                                       

 Find out how to make your own organic smoothies and organic soups.


 Discover the healthiest ingredients and super foods and find out why they call them that and what their significant characteristics are.             


Healthy Gastronomy

Our guests have the opportunity to attend our Unprocessed Cooking Workshop Consulting in the sixth afternoon of the retreat. Our highly trained chefs can create a variety of local organic dishes based mainly on Greek organic products. They can also teach their smart methods and new recipes, especially to you!

Cooking Workshop

Get to know the latest trends in the international and Greek cuisine! Learn the secrets of the cooking art, explore the raw and organic cuisine. Get the most delicious Greek recipes, as taught by our experienced chefs, and take the knowledge on the healthy gastronomy with you.