Why Body and Mind Holidays?

Because in Body and Mind Holidays we are committed in offering you an unforgettable wellness experience for your body and mind in the most beautiful spot of sunny Athens, such as National Park of Sounio and Distefi Hills Villa. The Villa's breathtaking views and relaxing privacy will promise you a luxury accommodation and rejuvenation: the relaxing atmosphere of the Villa is ideal for healthy activities for your body and soul like yoga, Pilates, swimming and meditation; then there are our specially created menus by our nutritionist, based on a macrobiotic and organic diet through Greek traditional recipes; nutritional counseling, and live cooking demonstrations from our Chef will complete your super-healthy holiday lifestyle.

Our Mission

The Body and Mind Holidays aim to inspire our visitors to new aspects of healthy living in order to enjoy the gift of life to its highest level.

Our Philosophy

In Body and Mind Holidays we believe that every person is unique. Thus we’ve made it our constant goal to offer unique programs and experiences at all times. Prior to the beginning of a program the individual’s needs and requirements are assessed through a personal contact with the physician and wellness consultants. This is a crucial part of aiding our guests to their personal journey to discovery, recovery and life transformation. We have the energy, knowledge, and excellent skills to help you reach your desired goals. So enjoy your comfort, luxury and life-changing holiday with us and remember: at the beautiful and idyllic environment of Sounio National Park nothing is impossible!

Arsenios Kontos

Founder & Coordinator
Arsenios’s passion is to connect with people and share his love for health and wellbeing with the world. As the ‘architect’ and founder of the Body & Mind Holidays retreats, Arsenios combines the Body & Mind Holidays’ comprehensive body and mind approach to health. He aims to encourage a healthy way of life through daily workouts, cooking lessons and time spent in nature. Prior to starting Body & Mind Holidays, Arsenios served as Physical Therapist at top level football teams in Greece such as Panathinaikos F.C. (10 years) and Kalamata F.C. (2 years). In addition he has worked in the field of aiding people with physical disabilities for more than 5 years. He holds a BSc in Health Science and Physical Therapy from Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University) and remains a life-long student of all things bringing health, wellness and happiness to ourselves.

Michalis Arkoulis

Team Leader / Trekking Guide / Physical Trainer
Michalis was born in Athens and he spent most of his childhood discovering amazing paths and routes. After studying Physical Education & Sport Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he worked in many associations of Track and Field and as supervisor at the Athens Marathon. Travel and trekking in Olympus, Parnassus (DELPHI), Samos and Parnitha re-lit his passion for the outdoors. Mountains sports, the summits, climbing became little by little an escape as well as a life purpose. Body & Mind Holidays gave him the opportunity to introduce the beauty of Parnitha Natural Park Mountain to their guests. Michalis’s curriculum ‘includes’ the summits of Mt. Mitikas (2918m), Kerkis (1433m) and the Karabola (1413m), in addition to the major mountains and national parks of Greece, including the Olympus Peak, Greece’s highest mountain. His knowledge of Mt. Parnitha will turn a hiking trip into a fun and pleasure experience.

Odysseas Pajas

Personal Trainer - Physiotherapist
For eight and a half years Odysseas has served as a physiotherapist top class football clubs in Greece. He holds a BSc Physiotherapy from University of Wales–Prifysgol Cymru. Recently he embarked on a career in health and fitness, retraining with the NPTA - North Carolina- as a Personal Trainer. Drawing upon his physiotherapy experience and love for rehabilitation and recovery, Odysseas consistently delivers challenging, result-driven training and recovery programs, carefully tailored to the specific goals of each participant. He believes in progress, actions and in ”don’t take anything for granted”. Sport was the best thing he enjoyed as a child and teenager. He was a competent footballer and even managed to join a professional football club. He is the instructor of the recovery session classes.

Hara Pilanidou

Yoga Teacher
Hara began practicingyoga in 2013, while she was looking for a form of exercise to relief her volleyball back injury. She quickly realized how therapeutic the practice was for her back issues.In time, she discovered as well that there was more to yoga than just physical benefits and was hooked. Wanting to dive deeper into the practice, Hara earned her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification from YogaWorks in Athens , based on L.A. Her sequenced classes provided with developed, instructed and led stretching, warm-up and cool down exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques. She has attend Iyengar yoga seminars and workshops by Ephrat Michelson, MariosKareklatos, VulaBolou, YogaWorks seminars and workshops by Anna Zorzou, David Kim, and more with Brent Laffoon, Sean Phelps, Halle Becker.

George Papadimitriou

Exercise Physiologist - Fitness Nutrition
George graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with a degree in Physical Education and Sport Science. Now he is following a Master's degree in Molecular and Applied Physiology at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Medical School with specialization in Exercise Physiology and Fitness Nutrition. A former professional football player with a sports performance background, George knew from a young age that he wanted to help others understand their bodies from a scientific perspective George will analyze the goals that should be achieved in the end of the retreat according on each participant’s needs. Additionally, he will introduce the weekly eating plan and the benefits of eating healthy in our body and soul.

Nikomina Oikonomou

Pilates Instructor Fitness/Exercise
Nikomina is originally from Amfissa, and she grew up in a wellbeing and health aware family. Fitness and wellness have always been an important part of her life. She is a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and she holds Bachelor of Physical Education & Sports/Athletes, Field Of Study: Health and Physical Education/Fitness. She also holds an M.Sc at Physical Education & Sports Sciences from the Dimokrition University of Thraki. Nikomina’s professional experience includes Pilates instructor and Yoga & Group Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gymnastics Instructor and Personal Trainer, Sports Trainer in Kids’ Camps and Physical Education Teacher in Primary Schools. She aims to create special and challenging workouts. Her fitness theory is simple… “Do what works. Find your border and go beyond.”

George Kokkoris

Executive Chef
The Body & Mind Holidays team couldn’t be luckier to have George as our talented Executive Chef! George has studied “Chef – Professional Food Production” at “The Le Monde” Institute. Since then he has worked at Spondi (Athens, 2 Michelin stars), Trussardi ala Scala (Milan, 2 Michelin stars), Bristol (Paris, 3 Michelin stars) working size alongside some of the most important chefs in the world such as Eric Frechon, Arnau Bignon and Andrea Berton. George believes that every food choice is an opportunity to change your health, your body balance, your performance and your well being from the inside out. Good food together with some simple life style changes can really transform your health at all levels.

Virginia Antoniadou (Vidya)

Yoga Teacher
Virginia Antoniadou (Vidya) is a certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy India) and holds the title of Yoga Siromani. She has attended a lot of seminars with important teachers from Greece and abroad and did her teachers training in South India. Since 2005 Virginia has been teaching traditional hatha yoga and meditation in Greece, at yoga centers, dancing schools and at yogic retreats. Her yoga classes are suitable to all student levels, from complete beginners to more experienced ones.

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