If you lead a busy and stressful everyday life, perhaps neglecting yourself, then Body & Mind Holidays is the best path towards not only improving your mental and physical health, but towards inspiring you to transform your whole lifestyle for the best.



“Repair your body from inside, Do this everyday and see what happens” Sadhguru.


You can do more than you think you can. Gain strength and flexibility through our amazing sessions.


Bring your body and mind to a state of greater calm. Massage it’s a way to a healthier, happier life.

Walking in National park of Sounio

Not all classrooms have four walls. Walk into national park of Sounio, Attica’s most beautiful National Park


Our meal selection has been specifically created so it can be developed into the perfect ‘’food project’’ to meet your aspirations, no matter what they are!

Healthy Food

Our Menu

In Greece we always appreciate quality food. And here at Body & Mind Holidays we take pride in our delicious culinary concepts.

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Spinach Kiwi Chia Seed


For those looking for an effective detoxification, we have designed a strong menu of cleansing smoothies and healthful soups, created to offer incredible benefits.

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Cooking Workshops at margi farm

Cooking Workshops

Our highly trained chefs can create a variety of local organic dishes based mainly on Greek organic products. They can also teach their smart methods and new recipes, especially to you!

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Luxury Villa «Distefi hills Villa»


Feeling of comfort and relaxation!

All rooms
Luxury Villa “Distefi hills Villa”


Luxuriously designed with a unique environment!

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from €1,970

All included
All Included

6 nights/ 7 days full package

6 nights/ 7 days full package Enjoy your stay at Distefi hills Villa with daily activities, relaxing massages, a healthy nutrition and our wellness program, adapted to your personal health needs.
  • Combine Body and Mind Holidays!

    Come and join our healing body-and-mind program with daily activities, accommodation at Distefi hills Villa and exclusive meals!


Join our Program without stay

7 days full of activities

Our health and wellness program, created for you, includes daily activities like hatha yoga, pilates, mountain trekking, visits to archeological sites, a delicious wholefoods menu designed by an expert holistic nutritionist and much more!

Are you ready for Body & Mind Holidays;

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I’ve just returned from a wonderful and transformative week at this retreat and I strongly recommend it ! Each and every day of the retreat was interesting, including yoga sessions at the front yard, pilates sessions in a superb environment, trekking in the mountain and more. Arsenios, who runs the retreat, had taken care of everything, the Villa was really five stars and you can figure it out from the luxury and the comfort that you feel in every corner. The food was really excellent, wholefoods menu and healthy, and I never once felt like I was missing something or starve, on the contrary, I was feeling full at all times. I’ll definitely come again!
Amy Johnson
Participant UK
It was a fantastic experience for the body and mind and I strongly recommend it to everyone. The programs are suitable to all fitness levels and you’ll see the positive changes to your body in just one week. Every activity of the retreat was interesting, there were yoga sessions and Pilates sessions at the pool, mountain trekking and more. Also a variety of activities, healthy and tasteful meals, the most encouraging support from Nikomina and Virginia and a helpful and positive group of all ages and fitness levels. I strongly recommend it, you’ll see the improvement in your health & fitness. I will be going back for sure!!!!!
Doug Martin
Participant Ger

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